GTA Vs Saints Row


The on going debate on the World’s best free roam crime game is still at large. Grand Theft Auto 5 and Saints Row 4 have been going at it to see who is the best, but it’s a tough call.  So we’re going to break down into categories which one is the best.

Lets start with graphic. Saints Row 4‘s graphics come off a bit “cartoony”. Meanwhile, GTA5 has beautiful lighting and astonishing landscapes with little to non low res textures.


GroveStreetSecondly, The free roam world. In GTA 5, everything is more realistic. The only thing that is different is the car names. Also, GTA 5’s world is like a fancy playground of San Andreas, with grove street being featured in the game. In SR4, the world is basically an altered version of SR3’s city of Steelport, but with alien towers to livin’ up the place.

Lastly, the Story Mode. Again, GTA 5’s Story is more realistic, but there are alot of side missions that make the game more enjoyable. It also lets you make decisions to change the outcome of missions on the character’s cell phone.


SR4 story mode is down right fun, with the weird and wacky effects, and the sense of humor. There is a weapon in the game called “The Dubstep Gun” that makes people dance with a single shot, which people will get a kick out of. So dance away people, dance away.Saints_row_4_dubstep_gun

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