The WWE Family

HaFounWallPicWWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) now a days is known to be a “FAMILY- FRIENDLY” organization. But what some people fail to realize is that the WWE has been family oriented since the beginning.

In fact, some if not, most of the wrestlers and Divas today have a legacy to up hold due to their family heritage.


Let’s dive right into it!
Curtis Axel, formerly know as Michael McGillicutty from the infamous group The Nexus, is actually the Son of WWE Hall of Famer and former Intercontinental Champion, the late “Mr. Perfect” Curtis Hennig. He is also the Grandson of Larry “The Axel” Hennig, hence Curtis Axel’s name. Curtis (His Father’s name) and Axel (His grandfather’s nick name).

larrotunda112609a_95744a_8colThe Bizarre Bray Wyatt is the son of Mike Rotunda (aka: IRS), the grandson of Blackjack Mulligan, and the brother of Taylor Rotunda (aka: Bo Dallas)
WWE Diva Natayla, is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “The Anvil” Neidhart. Neidhart is the brother in law to WWE Hall of Famer Brett “The Hitman” Hart and the late Owen Hart who are also the brother in laws of “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith who is the son of David Hart-Smith, who tag teamed with Natalya and now husband, Tyson Kid to for “The Hart Dynasty”. WHOO!! What a Mouthful!

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes is the father of wwe superstar Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes (Better Known as Golddust) who was married to former WWE Diva, Terri Runnels.


The Shiek is the Uncle of ECW legend Sabu.

Former World Heavyweight Champion and current Wwe superstar Alberto Del Rio is the Nephew of Mil Mascaras.

Epico and Primo (Better Known as Los Matadores) are the Brother and Cousin of former WWE Superstar Carlito, who is the son of Carlos Colon Sr.

los-matadoresCarlito (19)
Eddie Guerrero was the Uncle of Chavo Guerrero Jr. who is the son of Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Nephew of Hector and Mando Guerrero. All four Guerrero Brothers (Eddie, Mando, Chavo, and Hector) are the sons of the Late Gory Guerrero.


Enilightend Yet? Well let me hit you with this one. “The People’s champ” The Rock is the cousin of WWE superstar and Member of the Sheild, Roman Reigns. Reigns is also the brother of former WWE Superstar Matt Anoa’i (better known as Rosey). Rosey was apart of a tag team called 3 Minute Warning with his Late Cousin Edward Fatu (better known as Umaga). Fatu is the brother of Sam (The Tonga Kid) and Solofa (Rikishi) Fatu, who are twins. Rikishi (Solofa) is the father of current wwe Tag Team, The Usos. The Usos are the cousins of WWE Diva, Tamina, who is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Snuka is a distant cousin of the Wild Somoans who are the Uncles of the late Yokozuna. Yokozuna is the grand nephew of Peter Maivia who is the Father-in-law of Rocky Johnson who is the father of your “People’s champ” The Rock. Just went in a really big circle I did.



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