I have 2 YouTube  Channels!

Here is some work of mine. After watching some of these videos you will know what I’m all about and who I am.

Main Channel,  REVO UNLTD, consists of  comedy videos, skits, and update videos. I did start off as my main dancing channel, but due to the hype it got from the comedy videos, I decided to change genres, but still post dance videos from time to time.

This Is My Graduation Demo, from the Illinois Center For Broadcasting.

Here is one of my popular videos about the famous Hip Hop Star Drake.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT DISLIKE DRAKE!! I think he is a talented artist. It’s all jokes.

PART 2 is in the Discpription

My secondary Channel, SICK REVO, is my main dance channel, stritcly for dance. It’s still a new channel so it does not have as much  popularity as my Main Channel. but that can all change with you, the viewers. I made the channel because I wanted people to see my true passion for dance.

This is a video from my SICK REVO Channel. This will explain EVERYTHING about me.

Here is a dance video

I really hope you guys enjoy my work!



2 thoughts on “REVO UNLTD Videos

  1. Nice video for graduation Darrien. Keep up the good work

    Terry Cuff Career Services Director at the Colorado Media School

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